Saturday, July 3, 2010

Kasih ibu membawa ke syurga...

Rasanya belom terlambat aku nak mengucapkan Selamat Hari Ibu sedunia...bukan ape, rasanya hari-hari pon hari Ibu jugak... anda stujuk?

Lionel Andres Messi dan aku hampir tiada persamaan. die rendah aku tinggi, die kurus aku tak berapa kurus, die laju aku tak tau apekah maksud laju, die pandai menggelecek bola aku pandai menggelecek ubi rebus.. tapi kalau nak disebut satu persamaan antara kami ialah... kami sayang IBU kami dan kami anak manja.....

"Lionel Messi’s mother has come up with an extraordinary plan to ensure the world’s best player is at peak fitness for Argentina’s World Cup quarterfinal against Germany on Saturday.


Messi’s battle with a cold and flu bug, which kept him out of a Thursday training session, has been a source of concern to the entire nation of Argentina, which understandably sees him as crucial to its hopes of reaching the semifinals.

However, Messi’s mom Celia Cuccitini reacted quickly by ordering her son to take a natural, garlic-based potion in order to ward off the symptoms of the condition.

Team doctor Donato Villani admitted he had “approved” the idea, although it is not known how much garlic Messi actually consumed.

“Messi has some flu-like symptoms but it is nothing important,” Villani said. “Everybody cares about him and wants him to feel his best. Of course everyone, his family, the team, we want him to feel better.”

Four years ago, Messi remained on the bench as an unused substitute and watched Argentina crash out against the Germans in a nerve-wracking penalty shootout at the same stage of the tournament.

Then-coach Jose Pekerman was widely criticized for not bringing Messi on and that snub has rankled with the 23-year-old ever since. The events of Thursday, when head coach Diego Maradona ordered him to skip training and rest, caused concern in the camp.

However, the home remedy appears to have had the desired effect. Team officials confirmed Friday that there was no reason Messi should not start against the Germans at Green Point Stadium in Cape Town.

Messi’s mother still cooks all of her son’s meals when he is in Spain with his club Barcelona and admits to keeping a watchful eye over his health and well-being.

“Lionel is the spoiled one of the family and of the national team,” she said. “Everyone is nice to him in the team. He is always happy and comfortable and has what he needs.”


Moga abang esh deh segera sembuh dan perform dengan manthoppp


  1. ape daa,baru skrg nak wish mothers day...tapi okey ar drpd tak ucap langsung,kan ?

    nape xwish happy mothers day bulan depan je yui,wakaka..jadi hari kelaut dah...

  2. KC: apa kena mengena pulak dgn aku?? ini entry PP lah woiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  3. awek yui cun woo.. tapi ntah2 tu yui kot

  4. Messi messi.. bagi ak, dia tetap good player.
    Kadang2 biasa la, xkn duk atas je.

    But ak hope dia leh still maintain their skill.
    Jgn da jadi star, lupa diri sudah.

  5. hehehe sori yui...mabuk skit,kehkeh

    wakaka,camner aku bleh sebut name yui dalam entri ni,kehkeh...

    PP,sila kemas beg anda skrg,haha

  6. pp: agaknya kau pun sewel mcm KC, aku emang perepmpuan lah. hahahahahaah

  7. weh yui,post lah entri espana ko tu...dah menang sebijik dah dengan paraguay...

    asyik2 villa je jadi hero...bosan tul.....lepas ni konfem aku minum air vanilla coke je

  8. ko nih yui.aritu ko ngaku ko lelaki.mane satu daa