Saturday, July 10, 2010

Paul last World Cup , So Long Mr Octopus

The cute Paul will retire from football after this World Cup . The two years and a half old Octopus is reaching his top lifetime . Octopus are known can live for only 3 years . Paul however never having sex even once . Its good to see Paul mate before he die . And for the football 'people' , Paul will be long remembered and become a legend of its own league . So long Pauly .

His two last predictions picks Germany and Spain to win their game respectively . Uruguay and Oranje will lose , says Paul .
Die Mannschaft were hit by flu and fitness . But in the bright sight , wonder-kid with legendary ' Gerd Mueller ' name's and jersey number's on his back , Thomas Mueller are available for the third place match late today . 
They are still in disappointment after lose to Spain but as a Die Mannschaft , they never quit . And that what makes Germans , Germans !

Preduction ghua for this match :
Klose will score goals and Germany will win with a huge margin . Not because they are facing Uruguay BUT because they are simply Die Mansschaft .

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